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New Connectal Framework for Big Data Analytics

QRC is working with MIT CSAIL on the BlueDBM project for Big Data analytics applications. We developed a framework named Connectal to make it easier to develop accelerators for algorithmically complex applications.
Connectal supports flexible partitioning of accelerated applications across hardware and software components. The Connectal framework connects hardware and software via remote asynchronous method invocation compiled from interface declarations. Connectal enables concurrent access to hardware accelerators from user-mode software. It enables high-bandwidth sharing of system memory with hardware accelerators. Connectal supports multiple CPUs, operating systems, and FPGA vendors. Connectal is open source and available on GitHub.


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Phollow adds location-based rewards powered by LevelUp!


Phollow is the app that lets you create and share information with people you trust. LevelUp is the mobile payment platform that enables you to pay with your phone and get rewarded at your favorite business. The two teams have joined forces to plug LevelUp rewards into the Phollow experience.

Phollow allows users to create lasting memories, private recommendations, and even little secrets about places they’ve visited. Users can determine who sees these “breadcrumbs”–public, friends, or private. Seal part of the breadcrumb in “surprise” mode and your friends will have to go to the spot where you created it to see or hear it. Phollow thinks it’s much more fun to follow physically than virtually!

At select businesses in the Phollow database, users will discover new pre-populated breadcrumbs that contain LevelUp offers. A breadcrumb at a local coffee shop might reveal $2 off your coffee when you pay with LevelUp. Once Phollow users sync their Phollow app with LevelUp, they’ll be able to scan their phone to pay at LevelUp businesses directly from the Phollow app, accruing and redeeming rewards in the process.

“LevelUp is the most convenient and user-friendly payment app way we know of, and their campaigns are a great way for users to save money,” says Jamey Hicks, Lab Director of Quanta Research Cambridge. “We are very happy to add LevelUp as another trusted source of information for our users.”

“Phollow has created a very elegant place browsing infrastructure that makes sharing information and exploring new places more rewarding,” says Nick Herbold, Head of Developer Relations. “We’re excited to partner with them and offer new breadcrumbs for users to discover.”

About LevelUp
LevelUp is one of the largest open payments networks. Consumers use their LevelUp account to pay with their smart device or web browser, demonstrating the fastest and easiest way to pay. Businesses accept transactions for just 1.95% flat, thus enabling dramatic cost savings they can pass along to customers. Learn more at thelevelup.com.